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Jan 31

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18 year old Preachers daughter Spreads the Word of God, and her Legs

Jessie Parker is an 18 year old preachers daughter from the south. Ready to shed the restrictive religious upbringing which has shielded her from her sexuality for so long Jessie chooses to publicly pronounce that she is 18 years old and free to make her own decisions! Like reading the bible at the Bart Station while being shocked by a remote controlled electrode stuffed deep in her cunt, being groped by strangers, throat fucked, verbally humiliated, and made to cum uncontrollably till her pussy is squirting all over the room and she is begging for the vibration on her clit to stop. Overwhelmed with pleasure, I think it’s safe to say Jessie is happy with her decision to renounce the church and take on a new god, The God of Cock and Cum!


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Jan 27

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18 year old Preachers daughter gets dirty in public for the first time

Filthy little whore forsakes the bible in exchange for a bunch of strangers defiling her body. Her tight catholic fuck-hole is pounded by cock as she is made to read scripture and recite the lords preyer. Throat fucking, squirting and blasphemous penetration with a wooden cross!


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Jan 23

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First boy/girl scene ever!

Micah Halili looks so sweet with her braces and shy smile. A large crowd gathers to see her first time taking a cock in public. What a slut! She begs for the cattle prod on her ass hole and pussy and cums uncontrollably. The audience takes turns fisting her and she gets flogged and fucked with her head in a box. She didn’t know what to expect but she loved what she got.


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Jan 06

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Dreamy MILF behaves herself like a perfect sub should.

Fucked and disgraced in public! All in a days work for a professional submissive. Syren De Mer takes an ass pounding like a good sub should: Hard and dirty in a room full of people! All holes filled, Audience takes turns fisting.


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