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Jun 26

public nude disgrace

Girl is bound in the streets with her shirt over her head and her tits exposed!

This update features two hot babes getting tied and humiliated in public. First one girl is taken in the streets, bound and then humiliated with her shirt over her head and her tits exposed. But public sucking and fucking isn’t right for everyone, and this girl couldn’t handle all the attention. So instead of cutting the shoot short we bring in our secret weapon, Yoha, to save the day and get the cum!!!


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Jun 19


In real life Aurora Snow is a famous pornstar. On public disgrace she’s just a common whore, and we treat her accordingly.

Aurora Snow is a famous pornstar. She knows this, we know this, everyone knows this. What Aurora Snow doesn’t know is that at Public Disgrace we don’t give a fuck who you are, how famous you are, or where you are from. All we care about is jamming your holes full of cock and humiliating you in every way possible. Aurora quickly learns that no porn in the world can prepare you for Public Disgrace. This is the real deal!


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Jun 12

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Gia DiMarco is made to squirt all over herself in a bar full of gawkers

Gia DiMarco is as close to perfect as it gets. Her tits, her ass, her face, her cunt, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect. We take this near perfect Italian hottie and humiliate and fuck her in a public bar. The crowd cheers for squirt, and squirt she does, all over the bar, then into a glass which she is made to drink. She gets double penetrated, face fucked by a stranger with a huge cock, strap-on fucked, spanked, abused, and treated like the whore she is. Don’t miss this classic Public Disgrace update.


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Jun 10

public humiliation disgrace

Czech beauty throat fucked in a subway station at night

Please welcome Linda to Public Disgrace. This Czech beauty is truly one of a kind, she had never been tied up or dominated before, but you can see right away that she loves it, needs it. She gets bound and paraded through the streets at night while people sing and cheer. She cums hard tied to a pole knowing that people are seeing her tits clamped with clothespins and her panties hanging at her knees. She gets hogtied, throat fucked, handcuffed and pounded in a subway station, by a castle, an overpass, and where ever else we decide to take her!


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Jun 08

discrased in public

Czech model sucks cock and gets fucked in public

Olivia is a Czech model who wants to try her hand at being tied up and exposed in public. First Princess Donna parades her around the city, making her bound slut follow her on busy streets, past cafes, stores, and bars. Then they meet up with Steve for public blow jobs and public fucking, all while she is bound in inescapable bondage of course!
This update features sex in bondage, public sex, public blowjobs, and public bondage.


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Public Disgrace